Aim to create

Aim to create

Published work is permanent.

In 2021, I started HereWeStart as an idea incubator—a place where new thoughts and ideas can flourish and become value drivers. Often, we see the value of our ideas but shift our attention before they reach their full potential. We need to be compelled to deliver—it is time to stop just consuming and to create something of our own.

Be aware of the fact that public resources like the cloud, open source, and AI have democratized access to hardware, software, and information—we are only limited by our own will. If you’re ready to put in the effort, you have the required knowledge freely available—it is all out there for us to go and collect it. This means that you can begin a project or even a business with virtually zero upfront cost. The only resource that you need to invest is time—which ironically is also your most precious resource. It is all about what you want to focus on.

The reality is that we struggle to gain traction on projects because of a lack of focus on a single endeavor. When many different ideas come to mind—a lot of them with good potential, we need to remind ourselves that having the idea is not enough, it is just the beginning—only a small percentage of what is needed to deliver. The real effort comes in putting in the work, daily and consistently on a single practice. Even if at the beginning the project seems to be progressing slowly and going nowhere, it is in our best interest to keep on with the conviction that a long journey starts with a single step and that progress takes time.

Here I want to share some of the thoughts that are helping me stay focused. It is important to be able to pick one project and just start. Remove the emotion from the part where you decide what to work on and when to do work. Do not think about which idea is better or that you’re missing out on one by working on another—fear of missing is a contributor to decision paralysis. Understand that by definition, deciding on something will inevitably rule out other possibilities. Select the idea you are most ready to deliver and get started. There is no shortcut other than doing the work. Timebox a set amount of time to develop your idea, and do not let go until it finishes, or the work is done.

Just remember to put something out there once you are finished. With time your portfolio of realized ideas will grow, and the more you do this; the more of you will have to show in your collection. The beauty of creating is that after publishing the work is permanent—your efforts will not be forgotten.